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Kimchi Mandoo    Steamed kimchi & vegetable dumplings   5.95 

Tako Yaki    4 pieces of octopus dumplings                    4.50                                                         

Coconut Shrimp ( 6 )                                                8.50

Vegetable Spring Roll  4 rolls - 8 pieces                      5.25

Crispy Calamari Rings                                               8.50

Teriyaki Ckicken Skewers ( Yaki - tori )                       5.50

2 pieces of chicken skewers with teriyaki sauce

Gyo – za       Beef / Pork / Chicken           5.95

6 pieces of potstickers, Japanese style pan fried dumplings 

Yaki mandoo                                                            5.95

5 pieces of deep fried vegetable dumplings               

Shumai  Japanese style steamed dumplings

Shrimp               ( 6 )                                         5.95

Wasabi & Pork   ( 6 )                                         5.50

Combination      ( 8 )                                         7.50 

Egg Roll   Beef / Pork / Chicken / Shrimp                      5.95

8 pieces of homemade egg rolls with sweet & sour sauce

Tempura  Shrimp    ( 4 )                                           5.25

Asparagus Beef maki                                               6.50

Asparagus rolled in thinly sliced beef with teriyaki sauce

Edamame   Boiled fresh soybeans                                4.50

Seaweed Salad                                                        4.95

Fresh green seaweed salad with Japanese seasoning  

Soft Shell Crab Appetizer                                        9.50

Deep fried soft shell crab served with ponzu sauce                 

*Sushi Appetizer  Tuna, Salmon, Red Snapper, Shrimp 9.50

*Sashimi Appetizer                                              11.50    

Cucumber salad                                                  4.95

Thin slices of cucumber with rice vinegar sauce              

Tako - Su                                                             6.95

Octopus on a cucumber salad with rice vinegar sauce         

Kani - Su                                                              7.95

Crab stick & cucumber roll with rice vinegar sauce                     

Spicy Calamari Salad                                             6.50

Calamari salad mixed with spicy mayo on a bed of cucumber slices with fish egg, mango and avocado on top

* Spicy Fish Salad Appetizer                                  6.50

Assorted raw fish mixed with spicy mayo over the cucumber slices with fish egg, mango and avocado on top

Fire Cracker                                                          8.50

Deep fried roll of crab, cream cheese, serano pepper and a touch of spicy mayo and wasabi ranch with fried potato, fish mango and avocado on top.

Lake Michigan                                                      8.50    

Crab, fish egg, Tempura flakes in a cucumber roll with a touch of spicy mayo

* North Beach Diet                                                8.50

Fresh tuna, salmon, white fish wrapped in a cucumber roll with a touch of spicy mayo

Sakura                                                                 7.95

Thin slices of deep fried yellow tail with scallion roll & spicy mayo on top

* Management advises that eating raw or under-cooked seafood and fish may increase

your risk of food borne illness and will only be served upon customer request !